Traumatic penile fracture with bilateral corporeal rupture

  • SORIN NEDELEA Agrippa Ionescu Emergency Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
  • ANDREI SIN Burghele Hospital, Urology Department, Bucharest, Romania
  • OCTAVIAN PATRASCANU Burghele Hospital, Urology Department, Bucharest, Romania
  • ADRIAN TULIN Agrippa Ionescu Emergency Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania
  • BOGDAN SOCEA Pantelimon Emergency Hospital Bucharest, Romania
  • ALECU LUCIAN Agrippa Ionescu Emergency Clinical Hospital, Bucharest, Romania


A 24-year-old man with no urological history presented to the emergency room for rapid onset severe penile pain, tenderness, swelling, and ecchymosis during vaginal sexual intercourse. Clinical examination was suggestive of penile fracture with a high suspicion of bilateral corporeal involvement. Urethrography excluded an injury to the corpus spongiosum. Surgical exploration confirmed the bilateral laceration of the corpora and tunica albuginea which was repaired with absorbable sutures. 

Penile fractures are true urological emergencies whose surgical treatment must not be delayed to prevent long-term sequelae. Bilateral corporal rupture represents only 2-10% percent of penile fractures and usually involves the urethra, especially when the lacerations are situated ventrally.


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